Safety is the foundation of everything we do. Blackfish has a comprehensive safety program that meets and exceeds legislative and industry standards. Our workers go through a rigorous orientation process to ensure everyone on our worksite has the tools to do their jobs properly. We have a complete hazard assessment program that ensures tasks, hazards, and controls are identified before and during work.

We ensure all operators are competent for the work they are hired to do, and our supervisors have the training and ability to provide the right leadership for work to carry on safely. We use Safety Sync as the platform for our safety system. It gives our workers access to their Safe Job Procedures and Practices, while also allowing us to track training and certifications, ensuring everyone is up-to-date.

Blackfish employs a Canadian Registered Safety Professional that ensures the safety management program is implemented properly and consistently. We are also registered on ISN and Comply works to provide our clients the ease in the procurement process. We are a member of the British Columbia Construction Alliance and are COR certified by the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA). 

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